Sectorial Operational Programme ”Increasing Economic Competitiveness“
“Investments for your future!”
Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund

Novelty and projected impact

Besides histopathological diagnosis of malignant tumours, which represent the basis both in terms of patients and of clinical research, new methods of investigation at the cellular, molecular and genomic level have been discovered which are able to determine a malignant causes in case of uncertain diagnosis, to discover early premalignant lesions, culminating with the detection of markers involved in diagnosis and response to therapy based on the revealing / over revealing of some molecules.

This project allows creating in Romania a complex malignant tumours investigation patterns based on modern techniques for tumour diagnosis. This project contributes to the development of current research directions and increasing the quality of healthcare, a basic component of the health in the context of achieving a sustainable social system. In addition to this, the staff of the Faculty of Medicine and the research team of Constanta County Emergency Hospital conducts specific research and development, transforming the forefront methods of research in practical histopathological diagnosis. Ultimately, this project contributes at improving the quality of healthcare procedures.

This project will develop the scientific potential and competitiveness on basic and applied research in cancer diagnosis. It will also facilitate the development of research projects that involve the Medicine Faculty of "Ovidius" University - the access of the medical researchers, medical residents, students, master and PhD students to the highest technological equipment will allow solving various problems in the field of malignant pathology.

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