Sectorial Operational Programme ”Increasing Economic Competitiveness“
“Investments for your future!”
Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund

Justification Of The Necessity Of Implementing The Project

The need for achieving the project objectives Context of scientific research increasing competitiveness in the field of malignant pathology requires top facilities and equipment of modern technology able to support the needs of the specialists of the Pathology Department of Faculty of Medicine and of "St. Andrew " Clinical Emergency Hospital to develop research patterns. Its added value in scientific and economical terms Advanced knowledge in cancer biology and the new discoveries that have emerged in cancer genomics disease are translated into real clinical benefits for patients diagnosed with cancer. This became possible only through long-term investments in basic cancer research. Recent discoveries have transformed the pathological anatomy practice in a multidisciplinary research, the departments facing the increasing need of genotyping the tumours and determining the relationship between the type of mutation of a target gene and the response to the therapy. Thus the majority of EU pathology departments had to become truly "multi-disciplinary departments for tumour characterization." Diagnostic protocols and investigating schemes that include immunohistochemical and genetic markers are increasingly being studied and they are established as routine diagnostic techniques in the EU and in our country. There is a methodological convergence trend of diagnostic protocols in EU countries and Romania needs to rally to this trend. This trend is achieved by using quality management system justified by the need to ensure a perfect concordance.
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